It is not necessary to have registration if you want to make a purchase on solislux.eu.


Each product has a button "Buy" under the image and next to its price. Pressing this button will save the selected item into your virtual "basket". The content of the basket will be kept until you decide to make the purchase of the goods. You can review the shopping cart anytime, add new products to it or remove already selected ones by clicking on button "Basket".

The stated price is for one item with VAT included.


Pressing the "Order" button will lead you to finish your purchase,  which includes:

1. Your personal data: name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address.

2. Details for delivery:  you need to specify the exact address of delivery. Goods can be shipped to your home address, work address or you can pick them up from an office of Delivery Company.

3. After filling in all the necessary information press the “Submit” button and your purchase will be completed.

4. Order Confirmation
After completing your order within 24 hours we will contact you to confirm clarify the details, deadlines, payment method and delivery. The contact with the client can be done only during working hours. For orders made on weekends and official holidays, we will contact you on the first day after it.
Order received with missing or incorrect information will be canceled due to inability to be completed.  If we cannot contact you to confirm the order, it will not be sent.

IV. Delivery

We offer FREE SHIPPING for Bulgaria  - deliveries are made by courier Econt.
Deliveries to address are free only if the purchase is 49BGN or more.
For international shipping please send your request to info@solislux.eu.

V. Product returns
Product returns can happen within a 14-day once received. Once returned, the money is refunded though bank. Customers pay for delivery fees upon return.

VI. Payment Methods

All payments should be in Bulgarian currency or euros.

     Payment can be made in several ways: by credit or debit card (when finalizing the order), through PayPal and Epay or on delivery (COD). A customer can pay on delivery to the courier. All orders are shipped with the option "open before you pay". In this way, we prevent the payment of goods which are not actually viewed by the customer. Once the goods are checked, the buyer has the right to refuse (but to pay the courier service) or keeps it.

VII. Delivery terms

   All products can be delivered to any place in the country. The delivery time is 2 working days. In case of unexpected circumstances or out of stock the website reserves the right to extend the deadline for delivery. Shipments can be delivered to the specified user address or office of a delivery company. Delivery may be obtained by the person who ordered it or by authorized person. If the order cannot be delivered at the first visit of the courier, the second visit takes place after contacting the customer. At the second visit, the client does not have to pay any additional fee for delivery.

All terms and conditions related to orders, deliveries, and payments on solislux.eu are pursuant to the Law on Consumer Protection.
The order is an action that the user makes freely and it has the power of а contract between the user and solislux.eu.
Sharing information with solislux.eu is an action done by the user voluntarily.  All the collected data will be used according to the Law on Personal Data Protection.
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